Uncertainty in the City | 2010

Uncertainty in the City – Audio work
100 interviews concerning human-animal encounters.
Collected during 2009–2010, the artists took their modified caravan out in the field and into communities in Cumbria, inviting individuals to share stories and opinions of their personal animal encounters. Radio Animal shares these human/animal narratives from in and around human spaces.
As Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson have written: “We may mow the lawn and weed the borders but things beyond our control continually arrive and depart, through hedges and fences, across and below the surface of the soil and grass – and by air inhabit or visit the trees and flowers. Some are welcome, some are not, and some are a source of vexation and perplexity. In an unthinking way we would often rather be without that which perplexes or bothers us.”