cat and fox

A few days ago while when I just got back home, in the parking lot I saw the neighbour’s cat. He (at least I believe its a male) being brought up as a well trained house cat was as friendly as ever and approached me, after a while in the sun he got bored and decided its best to go back home, so did I. However as I was about to enter the building I saw in the corner of my eyes something orange and moving, its a fox and the cat saw it too. Its quite strange to see a stand off between a house cat and a wild fox. Things was about to get heated as they both started making noises, the fox is quite obviously bigger, and suddenly the cat made the first move trying to intimidate the fox, with no success though. I liked that cat, so was about to step in for him, thats when my neighbour saw the fight and without putting on his shoes, jumped straight out the window and chased the fox away and grabbed the cat back. I suppose pets always have their owners to rely on.