Pet Environs | 2006 – from (a)fly

Pet Environs – (a)fly – flug(a)
33 photographs of domestic interiors, depicting the sites chosen by or assigned to pet animals – assorted gilt frames
(a)fly is founded on a survey that mapped domestic pets within Reykjavik city centre. Four ptarmigan hunters were invited to turn their shotguns on maps at a distance of 50 metres, thereby randomly selecting multiple, specific residential properties within Reykjavík 101. The owners of these properties were contacted and from this, pet owners and animal-dwellings in the area were identified and then photographed. By examining the habitat or dwellings chosen by the pets themselves, or in some cases constructed by their owners, Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson offer new and contradictory perspectives on established classification systems and controversially shared environmental relationships – reframing the human-animal exchange.